Supported Media Formats

For supported file types, Files provides both quick preview and full preview functionality.

  • Quick preview displays a thumbnail view of the file.

  • Full preview provides a large view of the file; if the file is a video, full preview allows you to play it.

When you mouse over the row of a supported file type in your home folder, the Preview icon appears.

  • To display the quick preview, hover over the Preview icon.

  • To display the full preview, click the Preview icon.

From the full preview window you can do the following:

  • Click the Download icon to download the file

  • Click the Info icon to display the following data about this file:

    • Number of times the file has been shared

    • File size

    • Your permission level for this file

    • Revision date

    • Location on the node

    • URL

Supported File Types

In addition to support for .pdf documents, file preview supports the following formats for videos and images.







































































































































































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