Buffering Issues?

If you are experiencing buffering during playback, try the following to help pinpoint the cause:

   1. Change the bit rate from Better to Good by selecting the gear icon in the lower right-hand corner.


If that doesn’t work, please try the following:

If you are on the mobile app:
   1. Make sure you are on WiFi.
   2. Check if your wifi connection is strong here:
   3. If you have a strong connection and it still happens, please send a playback log. Instructions here:

If you are on the PC browser:
   1. Check if your internet connection is strong.
   2. If so, check if your browser is updated here: If not, update your browser.
   3. Clear your cache.
   4. Update your Flash player here:
   5. Reopen your browser and play back your video in FineCut. Click the Jump Back 10s button (lower left-hand corner).
   6. If the buffering doesn't resolve when the video plays back, please submit a playback log. Instructions here:

Feel free to call if you want to walk you through these steps with a Support team member: (212) 664-5595.




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