TV TOPS Service Catalog

  1. Provide L1 user support for FineCut, NBCUView, Content Cloud, and NBCU Screeners during business hours (5:30am-9:30pm EST).
  2. Obtain approval for new account requests.
  3. Read comments entered for play logs submitted and reach out to user if more than one is submitted and/or their comments indicate they need assistance.
  4. Create thumbnails for new folders without thumbnails within 24 hours.
  5. Upload live tapings for the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Late Night with Seth Meyers.
  6. Verify audio and video during start of live stream productions. Reach out to DME Support team if there is an issue.
  7. Provide user audits to each business lead during the first month of each quarter (see User Audit Instructions article).
  8. Move content from FineCut to NBCUView upon approval from appropriate FineCut business lead (see Business Leads article)
  9. Provide demos and training.
  10. Upon receipt of asset ingest failure notifications, reach out to uploader. For Bravo content, reach out to Kate Watts if a user is external.
  11. Complete bulk user import requests following the steps in the Bulk User Imports article.

See FineCut Team SOP article for more information.

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