Downloading Content

To download a video on the NBCUView iPad app:
1. Long-press on the episode icon. A menu will appear giving you the option to download. When you select "Download Episode," this episode will appear in the "My Downloads" page.

Please Note:

  • If you switch to another app while the downloading is occurring, NBCUView will continue to download the episode for 5 more minutes and then pause until you return to NBCUView.

  • If the iPad is in suspended or sleep mode, the downloading in NBCUView is paused.

  • If you are on the move, the NBCUView app will continue to attempt to download the items in your "My Downloads" list whenever a WiFi connection is available. When a connection is not available, the download will be paused until the application can find a connection.
  • Only the iPad app allows downloading. The Web viewer does not.
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