Media Management: Download Content

Content can be downloaded from the FineCut viewer or from Airship.

  • In Airship you can get the source file that was uploaded, which has no DRM or watermarking applied to it. We do track asset downloads from Airship and can see who downloaded it and when, but have no way of tracking if someone may leak one of those unwatermarked downloaded files.
  • In the Viewer, you can download the source file if you have download master permission AND the asset is not set to be forensically watermarked via the watermark/overlay submenu. If it is watermarked, even if user has download master privilege, a watermarked version is returned.

Please note:

  • Forensically watermarked content downloaded from the FineCut viewer has reduced quality due to quality loss that is experienced in watermarking process. Watermark is only present for downloaded videos that have forensic watermark option checked at the item or folder level in Airship.
  • Downloaded content that is not forensically watermark is unprotected when downloaded to a Mac or PC. Overlays are truly overlays: They are not burned into the file but only overlayed when streaming.

Content can be downloaded if the user has "Download Master" permissions or if the item has "Allow users to downloaded this item" selected.

  • "Allow users to download this item" allows users to download and save the item outside of the app.
  • Download master permission is a permission-based feature that allows users to download and save the original file that was uploaded to Airship outside of the app (vs any converted file or variant).
  • "Download Master" permission overrides the "Allow users to download this item" content security.
  • If content is not set for download but a user or group is given "Download Master" permissions, they will be able to download this content.

Ways to download content securely:

  1. Use the iOS app because it is encrypted on the iPhone or iPad and you cannot extract the file;
  2. Use our beta Desktop app, which is in true beta but we can share it with select users; or
  3. Enable forensic watermarking for that content. Just be warned that the file is still downloaded without encryption to a Mac/PC but it carries the forensic watermark.
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