Media Management: External share links

Who can share a link? Users with Manage Access permissions.

What type of links can you send?

  • Password-protected links (open to anyone, no FineCut account needed) These links will appear with a visible overlay stating "share link (IP:".
  • Links limited to FineCut users or groups*

How can you customize your link?

  • Edit to give the link a custom name by clicking the edit icon
  • Assign an expiration date/time or maximum number of views (counted as per browser session or different computers used)**
  • Create a 4 character password

*Please note that this feature allows you to override the content's permissions settings in the User Access submenu.

**If a user refreshes the same browser window, that does not count as a visit but if the user loads the link on another browser on the same computer or on another computer all together, that will count as a visit.


  1. Log into 
  2. Open the file you wish to share
  3. Click the Links tab
  4. Click Create Link button
  5. Customize the link name, password, Availability date, expiration date, and/or maximum number of visits
  6. Click Save
  7. Click "Email link" or "Copy link to clipboard"

Access Options 

After saving the link, you will be directed to the Links overview page. Users can navigate to 'Actions' to create a pre-populated email for the link (1), copy the share link (2), modify the link (3), or delete the link (4).

Please note:

  • Users and groups assigned to the link will have visibility to the content via the link and within the apps while honoring the link expiration settings.
  • If an expiration date is set on the link, the archive date on the underlying item takes priority over the expiration rules.
  • If an expiration date time zone is not explicitly set, the time zone will default to that of the user creating the link.

To immediately expire a link, you can delete it or set its expiration date to a past date and a message will appear to users attempting to access the expired link that the link has expired.

Send Options 

The Airship user will be able to compose an email with a single click on "email link" or copy link to clipboard.

Share Link - compose an email with a single click from link details

Or they can tap on the mail action from the list of links:

Share Link - compose an email with a single click from mail action

Logging and Tracking

  • FineCut users are tracked back to their accounts.
  • Anonymous (non-FineCut users) are tracked via their IP (providing geography), time of view and how many times they viewed the content. 


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