Check the internet connection speed from FineCut app

If you are using the FineCut app on your iPhone and/or iPad and notice a lag in performance (frequent buffering during playback or video content not updating in your folders), it may be due to a poor internet connection.

First, make sure you are on wifi and not cellular connection. If you are on airport or hotel or cafe wifi, there is a good chance it will be very slow. 

To check if the wifi connection is the cause of the buffering or performance lag:

  1. Open the FineCut app
  2. Go to the Settings icon in the lower right
  3. Scroll down to and click on Internet Connection Test

The test will begin automatically. 

Test results will confirm whether your internet connection is okay or not, as in the example below.

If you have results such as the one below, where either there is an issue with the Device Connection, Internet Connection or Service, then there is a connection or speed issue, not a FineCut issue. 



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