Troubleshooting Tips

Troubleshooting video playback: 


Check your ISP Performance: 

The Video Quality Report sheds a light on what kind of performance your Internet Service Provider (ISP) typically delivers, how various providers stack up in your area, and what other factors play a role in video performance.

Perform an internet connection test on their iOS app by going to Settings > Internet Connection Test. See Check the internet speed from FineCut app article.


Check your browser

Find out if your browser is updated

  1. Go to and you’ll see what browser you are currently using.
  2. If you see “This is the most current version,” your browser is already updated!
  3. If you see “There is a newer version,” click the Update your browser button and download the newest version of your browser.
Then refresh your browser window. On many browsers, you can press the F5 key or Command+R keys on your keyboard.
Finally, close all other tabs and windows in your browser.

Lower the video bitrate

Select the Gear icon and change the video quality from "Better" to "Good". See  Check the internet connection speed from FineCut app.


Update Adobe Flash player

Some videos on YouTube are streamed through Adobe Flash Player, a plug-in for your web browser. Having the latest version of Adobe Flash Player ensures the best viewing experience.

Here’s how to upgrade to the latest version:

  1. Check your Flash Player version
  2. Download the latest version
  3. Exit your browser once you’ve downloaded the file
  4. Open the Adobe Flash Player Installer on your computer to complete the installation process

If you have any issues during the installation process, visit Adobe’s help page.


Clear cache and cookies

Cookies, which are files created by websites you’ve visited, and your browser’s cache, which helps pages load faster, make it easier for you to browse the web.

Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies means that website settings (like usernames and passwords) will be deleted and some sites might appear to be a little slower because all of the images have to be loaded again.

Tip: If web pages aren’t displaying correctly, you can try using your browser’s incognito or “private browsing” mode to see if the problem is caused by something other than cache or cookies.


Update your computer

Your computer is up to date when you've installed the latest updates for Windows and your programs. To check for Windows updates, follow these steps:

  1. Open Windows Update by clicking the Start button . In the search box, type Update, and then, in the list of results, clickWindows Update.
  2. In the left pane, click Check for updates, and then wait while Windows looks for the latest updates for your computer.
  3. If any updates are found, click Install updates.

You might see both important and optional updates. If you don't see the Install updates button when there are only optional updates, click Optional updates available, choose the ones you want, and then click OK.


Enable JavaScript:

To enable JavaScript in other browsers, click the link below for your browser to see instructions. By searching in the help center for your browser, you can find specific instructions for your version and operating system.

Enable Javascript on a mobile device

For instructions on how to enable JavaScript, choose your device:


  1. If you're not already there, launch the 'Browser' app on your device
  2. Press your device's < Menu > button
  3. Select More
  4. Select Settings
  5. Check the box next to 'Enable JavaScript'
  6. Exit and reload the site you were trying to access in Browser


  1. On your device's home screen, tap Settings
  2. Tap Safari
  3. Tap 'Advanced'
  4. Make sure the setting for 'JavaScript' is set to ON
  5. Exit and reload the site you were trying to access in Safari
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