SOP for uploading content into NBCUView Airship

Logging in to Airship

Go to

Choose Single Sign On and authenticate with your SSO credentials.

You will see a main page with the Episodic folder. 

Uploading content

1. The content will go into NBCUView/Episodic/[Category] - category depending on the content type (Television? Theatrical?)

2. If it is TV, choose the appropriate Network/Studio (ex: Golf Channel, CNBC, etc). If the requested title folder under your Network is not there, please submit a support request to ask the NBCUView team to create the folder. 

3. If a season is needed (for TV shows) and the season folder isn't there, please create the appropriate Season folder ("Season 1", "Season 2", etc) via the Create (upper right) button. 

4. Upload the file - make sure the file is placed in descending order (most recent on top) within the folder.

5. Update the following metadata for each content you upload:

  • When thumbnail is available (or when auto-generation feature is available), choose best thumbnail. Specs: 428x241 (16:9)
  • Title = [Episode# - Episode Title]; Ex: "201 - Welcome to the Juniors"
  • Airdate = MM/DD/YYYY
  • Title of Episode = "Welcome to Juniors"
  • Episode # = numeric; Ex: 102, 1605, etc
  • If content is specified as "For Sales Executives only" or "no client access", please check the Hide from Client box 

6. Remember to Save.

Thank you

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