How to Send Content to Other Users

All files loaded into Aspera Files are naturally private. To have other users view your files you need to share it. One way to do that is by sending the content directly to them.

1) Navigate to the file page

2) Click Send Files in the navigation bar. A sidebar will appear, select the content and click the send icon

3) Add as many name in the to filed( Must have one, and the must be in the same workspace)

4) Add a Package Name

5) Add a Message to be sent to the recipients of the package. (This is optional)

6) Add Content directly form your computer. (It is the same process as uploading files)

8) Add content from the extra menu

9) Check Encryption at Rest (This is optional and doesn’t impact performance significantly)

10) Click Send to send the files. The files will start to transfer and the recipients will be notified via email that they have received a package

Note: Sending content will duplicate the files on storage. To only have one copy of the file use dropboxes.

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