Configuring Aspera Proxy

  • Make sure Aspera Connect is installed and running on your computer.
    • If the program is running, an Aspera Connect icon will be in the system tray. See the image below for a reference to the icon.
    • The plugin will start automatically when you browse to a Maestro Priority Schedule page.
    • You can also start it manually by opening the program on Windows in Start > Programs > Aspera > Aspera Connect, or on Mac in Finder > Applications > Aspera Connect.


  • Identify the Aspera Connect icon in the system tray (or dock for Mac).
    • On Windows, right click the icon, and select “Preferences…”. On Mac, bring the application to focus and select Preferences from the application menu.
    • Click the Network tab at the top of the Preferences window; here you can configure the proxy settings.
      • Check both “Use FASP Proxy (DNAT)” and “Secure (DNATS)”.
      • In the Address enter “” and for Port use “337”.
    • Save the preferences by clicking “OK”.
    • The following is a screenshot of how the settings should appear:

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