Pin number and pin expiration

Upon login, FineCut asks for a PIN number. The purpose of the pin # is so you do not have to re-enter your SSO credentials within each 8 hour session. 

The pin # can be a combination of any 4 or more numbers and expires in 8 hours. 

More on the PIN's behavior

  • A user logged in to the Viewer does not automatically make him/her already logged into Airship. The NBCU SSO site remembers recently authenticated users so when a SSO user logs into Airship, it redirects to SSO, and if user have recently authenticated with SSO, the user will be let in.  If the user is using email and password, they will need to log in separately to Airship. Airship does not require a PIN and the login session for FineCut is 8 hours.

  • Once you are SSO-authenticated (or logged in via email/password), you will not need to re-log in via the SSO/email/password again as long as you do not fully log out of the application or computer or clear the browser cache or log out. Even after your machine goes to sleep and awakes or you close the browser and re-open it, you should only be asked for the PIN to authenticate. If you open up another browser (let's say Chrome or Firefox, and you are already logged into FineCut via Safari), you will have to authenticate w/ full username/SSO and password for the new browser app. 

  • For the mobile app, the user is asked to log in via the PIN every time the user wakes up the device and go into FineCut or every 8 hours of continuous use.  The mobile user is only prompted to create a new PIN if the user forced a log out of the mobile app.

  • The PINs are unique to the device. For example, setting a PIN on the iPad app as 1234 is independent from the PIN you set on Viewer (even if you use the same PIN number).
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