Set up a new show

  1. Create users via User Management screen in Airship
  2. Create groups for each show. We recommend the following:
    • "[Show Name] All Access" (which includes people that should have access to ALL cuts
    • "[Show Name] Post" (who's uploading the content)
    • "[Show Name] Distro 1"
    • "[Show Name] Distro 2"
  3. Add users to the groups you created
  4. Contact to assign Group Managers, if applicable
  5. Build the folder structure 
  6. Assign permissions 
  7. Set up training/demo with FineCut support or provide your own
  8. Send your own welcome email or ask to send their welcome email to new users, including file specs and support documentation
  9. Sign up for notifications and prompt others to do so
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