Build a show folder structure

We recommend the following folder hierarchy for shows. You can download episode # thumbnails from

  • [Show Name]   \   [Show Name + Episode ###]
  • i.e. My First Production \ My First Production 101

FineCut will use the filename as the asset name. We recommend the following: 

  • [Episode Number] [Type] [Date].mov
  • i.e. 103 RC1, 102 FC2, 101 Final

Following these simple standards will make automated emails consistent for everyone who has been given access to the shows you upload. 

Re-order the episodes thru the drag and drop function. We usually recommend having the most recently uploaded content appear first and archiving older seasons under season folders.

You can create the episode folders ahead of time.

Please note that on the viewer and the iOS app, the users can only see the folders that already have content.

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