Sign up for email notifications on Web Viewer

To turn on email notifications, navigate to the folder you'd like to receive notifications for and clicking the bell icon. To turn off notifications, navigate to the folder you'd like to remove notifications for, and click the bell icon again.

  • When this icon is green, your notifications are turned on.
  • When gray, they are off. 

To update the frequency of your notifications from instant to a daily summary, simply click the "switch to daily emails" link in the email notification. 

  • Please note: If you are the uploader, you will receive a notification when your asset is available regardless of whether or not you subscribed instead of the New Content Available notification. Notifications you sign up for and ingestor notifications are sent at the same time, when the asset is playable in the Web Viewer. So if you are the one that is uploading the item, you get the ingest successful email; otherwise you get the new content notification if you are subscribed for notifications.


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