Sharing content from Airship

There are two ways to share content from Airship:

1) An internal link (only works if users are explicitly given access to the content)

  1. Open the Media Management screen
  2. Navigate to a file/folder
  3. Click the More ellipses (...)
  4. Select Copy Viewer Link (the link will be copied to your clipboard)
  5. Paste the link into an email to the intended audience


NOTE: Users can see content in the iOS apps and web viewer when they are given permissions to them via this type of link. However, the link will still honor the link settings (expiration, limit of plays, etc.)

2) An expiring/external link

  1. Navigate to a file
  2. Click the Links tab
  3. Click Create Link
  4. Add a password for external links. Expiration and maximum visits are optional.



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