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FineCut is an online and mobile video product used by many NBCU shows, production companies, studios, and networks. FineCut enables authorized accounts to review dailies, cuts of shows in production, and live streams of rehearsals and tapings.

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The FineCut Viewer is where the user can watch videos, download videos, create and share collections (playlists) and set notifications for newly added content.

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How do I log into FineCut Viewer? And what is the PIN I'm being asked to set?
Open a modern browser (safari, chrome, firefox) and go to If you are a NBCU employee, choose the SSO login option and enter your SSO credentials. If you do not have a SSO, choose to log in with your email and FineCut password. You will be asked to create a four-digit PIN. Your FineCut web sessions in the same browser last 8 hours. Every 8 hours (or every time you re-open your browser), you will be asked to enter your PIN. As long as you do not fully log out of your browser or clear the cache on your browser, you can start a new session with your PIN instead of re-entering your login credentials.

How do I watch videos?
Once you log in, you will see folders that you have been granted permission to. Click into the folders until you see the content you want to view. Click on the desired video to view. To ensure best playback, please make sure you have a good network connection.

How do I download a video?
Your ability to download a video depends on your user account permissions (has your business admin granted you download permissions) and on the permissions of the content itself (has that content been configured to be downloadable).  To find out, hover your mouse over the content thumbnail. If a menu appears with "...more", click on that and you will see "Save file as ". All files that are downloaded are watermarked and tied to your account. If you do not see this option, then you do not have permission to download the content.

What is a collection and how do I create one?
A collection is like a playlist. You can define a collection and add content to it. You can also share the collection with other FineCut users.

How do I receive notifications for new content added to my folders?
If you want to be notified by email whenever new content is added to specific folders, you can set this up by clicking on the bell (upper right-hand corner) on a folder-level basis or on the parent-folder level (which means any content added to the sub-folders will result in an email notification to you).

What is the difference between a comment and a note in the viewer?
In the Viewer, you can add a comment (publicly viewable by other users who have permission to view this content) or a note (visible only to you) for any video during playback.


The FineCut Airship Self-Service Administration tool is where business admins can create and manage user and group permissions, manage folder thumbnails, content and metadata, assign a user as an ingestor, upload content, set content security and generate a password protected share link.

How do I log in to Airship ?
Open a modern browser (safari, chrome, firefox) and go to  If you are a NBCU employee, choose the SSO login option and enter your SSO credentials. If you do not have a SSO, choose to log in with your email and FineCut password. Airship does not require a PIN but the session is 8 hours (please do save your work) and you will have to log in again. 

I need to add a new NBCU user - how do I find the user's SSO?
In Airship's menu bar, go to Users & Groups and choose Users. You can click on the icon with the "+" to add a new user or select an existing user and click on the pencil icon to edit the user account.

I need to upload content - what is the recommended spec? how do I upload my file or move it around in the system?
In Airship's menu bar, go to Media --> Media Management. Here you can click into the folder(s) where you need to upload content and using the Create button on the upper right, choose to upload a new file or create a new sub-folder.

How do I set up permissions for my folders or content?
In Media Management , click on the User Access Tab for your folder and you can add groups of users or individual users to your folder. For each group or user, you can define the permissions:

  • View Media: Watch content in viewer
  • Download Master: download content from viewer
  • Manage Content: ability to upload content in Airship (essentially making this user an ingestor)
  • Manage Access: ability to administer user accounts and user groups
  • Update permissions for Groups and/or Users

How do permissions work on the parent folder and subfolder level?
When you set permissions on the parent folder level, this is inherited by the sub-folders and sub-content. When you go into individual files or sub-folders and change the permissions (add users) there, this will result in broken inheritance. Once inheritance is broken for a folder's hierarchy, it is important for you to remember to update every single folder and file whenever you make changes to the permissions as this inheritance process is no longer automated and must be manually curated.

How do I secure my content with watermarks?
In Airship, you can set an invisible forensic watermark which ties the content to the user viewing it or you can set a visible overlay watermark that remains on-screen throughout video playback.

How should I set up a thumbnail and organize my folders and dailies for a new show ?

How do I set up a Share Link?
You can share password protected links with non FineCut users. 

I am an administrator for my business unit - what are some best practices for me to know before I start using Airship? 

How do I learn more about the FineCut Mobile App?
You can download the FineCut mobile app at in the app store for the iPhone or iPad.

How do I watch content offline on my mobile device?

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