Steps to Schedule Your Priority

  • Schedulers from each network are responsible for reviewing the calendar and identifying their priorities.
  • Log into Maestro at If you are an NBCU employee, please login using your SSO. If you are a non-NBCU employee, please login using either Facebook or Google.

  • If you do not have access, please contact
  • Upon logging in, you will default to the “Priorities” tab.

  • Look for your priority using the date-picker dropdown if necessary. "Current Week"

  • Upon locating your priority, click on the dropdown bar to begin the scheduling process.

  • Create a schedule group of networks that share the same schedule for the priority week. Each network group will receive the same media schedules and video files. Click on the “+New Schedule Group” button.

  • You may individually check networks that belong to one schedule group or you may use the quick-select feature that would group networks by the length of creative they receive.

  • Click “Create Group” to create the schedule group. Click “Cancel” to exit out of the screen. Repeat the schedule group creation process until all destination networks have been selected as a destination.

  • Click on “+ Add ISCI” to create an ISCI line item. (This ISCI should be based off  Ruthie's channel codes)

  • Enter ISCI metadata for each network group. A user can define the schedule in granularity of a day, with options to include additional instructions. To edit an existing ISCI, simply click into the field you would like to edit.
  • Once videos are uploaded to an ISCI, please note that you will not be able to change the ISCI code.

  • Upload videos for each ISCI by clicking on the upload icon next to each ISCI. Please note that you will need Aspera Connect to upload videos. Note: Users must upload videos at least 24 hours prior to their schedule in order for all networks to receive them on time.

  • Once a priority’s schedule is completed, the Scheduler will need to publish it. Publishing the Priority Schedule will automatically send an email to all networks in the schedule notifying them of the publishing. Please note that the Publish button will not be available until all required ISCI metadata is populated (ISCI, title, tag, and air dates). Click on “Publish”.

  • After hitting the Publish button, you may enter instructions that will be appended to the email to destination networks. Entering publish instructions are optional. Click on the “Publish” button again to publish the schedule.

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