Share a collection internally and/or externally

Need to share Icontent from various places in FineCut internally and/or externally? Try building a Collection and sharing it by following the instructions below. Once a Collection is shared, the recipients can see the Collection in both the web and iOS apps. You can share collections for internal users or groups as well as create a password-protected link for external users.

  1. Log into the web viewer or FineCut app (this feature only works for sharing internally on iOS)
  2. Click the Collections dropdown
  3. Open the collection you wish to share
  4. Click the Sharing tab
  5. Click Create Share
  6. Enter a name for the collection
  7. Protect with a 4 digit password
  8. Set an expiration date, if necessary

After saving the link, you will be directed to the Links overview page. Users can navigate to 'Actions' to create a pre-populated email for the link (1), copy the share link (2), modify the link (3), or delete the link (4).

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