Aspera: Configuring Aspera Proxy

(This article is related to Uploading using Aspera.)

Uploaders on the NBCUniversal network must configure the proxy settings within Aspera Connect before they can successfully upload content. 

Make sure Aspera Connect is installed and running on your computer.

  • If the program is running, an Aspera Connect icon will be in the system tray. See the image below for a reference to the icon.
  • The plugin will start automatically when you select Create -> Upload with Aspera
  • You can also start it manually by opening the program on Windows in Start > Programs > Aspera > Aspera Connect, or on Mac in Finder > Applications > Aspera Connect.

Identify the Aspera Connect icon in the system tray (or dock for Mac).

  • On Windows, right click the icon, and select "Preferences...". On Mac, bring the application to focus and select Preferences from the application menu.
  • Click the Network tab at the top of the Preferences window; here you can configure the proxy settings.
    • Check "Use HTTP Fallback Proxy". Enter the following in the Address and Port fields, enter:
      • USA: // port: 80
      • International: //port: 80
    • Check both "Use FASP Proxy (DNAT)" and "Secure (DNATS)". Enter the following for the Address and Port fields:
      • USA East Coast/ International: or // port 9092
      • USA West Coast: or // port 9092
  • Click OK
  • The preferences should look similar to:

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