How user privileges are created in FineCut

A new user in FineCut is automatically set up with "View Media in Apps" privilege. 

Do not make changes to user privileges in the User Management/Profile area. 

It is FineCut best practice to add the user to a group so the user inherits his or her privileges from the group permissions for a folder or content. 

1. Creating a new user - When a new user is created, that user's privilege is set to "View Media" by default. You should never change a user's privileges in the user profile.


2. Adding a user to an existing group - Once the user account is created, you will want to add them to an existing group. The user will automatically inherit the same privileges within the folder or file that the group has. Example: User A is added to the "Heroes All Access Stream" group and the group has "View media" and "Download master" privileges. The user will then inherit the additional privilege that the group has.

3. Creating a new group for a user - If the user doesn't fit into an existing group, you can create a new one.                                                                                                                                                    

4. Check what content this user can access - This tab can be accessed to see which files or folders the user can access.



Adding a user to a content or folder level User Access Permissions











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